This is just a little space to put free fiction, extra scenes, little stuff that I post on the website. Most of this stuff will only be published here online for my readers to check out for fun. And while there may be hints at future plot points, it’s all completely (as the title might indicate) EXTRA. There’s no regular schedule and none of this really relates to work in progress, it’s just fun.

Also, keep in mind, none of these are edited, so I’m sure there will be typos. If you want to point one out, just mention it in the comments and I’ll correct it when I get a chance. So here’s some stuff, straight from the brainspace:


Costumes (originally a guest post at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books.)

Merry Christmas, Tenzin (originally a guest post over at Nocturnal Book Reviews)

A Not-So-Special-Night

Wind Speaks

Thanks for reading,


6 thoughts on “Extras

    1. katmoore2012 says:

      The great insight you have with your characters makes them seem more realistic and “human” each time you reveal more of the world they live in. This is one of my favorite scenes besides watching wrestling on pay per view!!

  1. elwilliamson says:

    Thanks for writing. I truly love the characters. I would really like to see a short piece where Carwyn and Brigid go visit G & B. The feel-good vibes from this would be special. I see B and Brigid also becoming good friends. Of course wrestling would be involved. If it was Christmas you could really have fun deciding what presents they give each other. Just thinkin…

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you… just, thank you! I love everything I have ever read that was written in your mind. Every little extra just solidifies it.

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