A pro-ROMP interview with Patrick Murphy, hero of The Scarlet Deep

Elizabeth Hunter: Good evening, Murphy. How’s Dublin?

Patrick Murphy: Cooler than where you are.

EH: You’re not joking.

Murphy: Seems like readers are liking Anne’s and my story, The Scarlet Deep. Well done.

EH: They are! In fact, I’m supposed to interview you for this blog series, Stomp vs. Romp.

Murphy: Stomp vs. Romp? Is this some American phrase I won’t have any interest in?

EH: Stomp—as in stomp your enemies—versus Romp—as in… you know, a good romp in the—

Murphy: Ah! So this is something I do have an interest in. Where’s Anne, by the way?

EH: She’s with a patient. Pay attention.

Murphy: Better not be that damn Russian. What’s the story, then? What’s this interview you need?

EH: I’m supposed to be writing a post talking about why “romp” is better than “stomp.” And I figured, since you’re a man—

Murphy: Not just a man, love.

EH: Fine. Wipe that grin off your face. A vampire who has experienced a lot of both stomping and romping, I thought you’d be the best person to ask. Which do you prefer? Stomp or romp?

Murphy: Are you joking?

EH: No. Some readers and writers prefer action to romance. I don’t, but some readers—

Murphy: Those readers obviously have not tried to get blood out of their favorite suit.

EH: Do you really wear a suit if you’re fighting someone?

Murphy: Occasionally. And beside that, if you’ve ever been at work and needed to… question someone, it’s sometimes necessary to yank off a few fingers—

EH: I don’t need to hear about arterial spray!

Murphy: Fingers, love. They don’t really spray. But if you twist, there can be a popping kind of… well, anyway. Stomp can become messy.

EH: Obviously.

Murphy: Of course, so should romp if it’s done correctly. But it’s far more fun and I’m more than happy to ruin a suit with a good romp.

EH: I think you and Anne ruined more than one in The Scarlet Deep.

Murphy: It was worth it.

EH: Even when—

Murphy: Worth it.

EH: Okay then.

Murphy: See, here’s the thing, Elizabeth. A good fight gets the blood pumping. Makes you feel alive. I’m not going to lie that great action can’t make for a great scene. But there’s action, and then there’s… action. There’s more than one way to get the blood pumping, and a good fight doesn’t leave you with a soft woman in your arms after things calm down. A good stomp doesn’t usually last for hours like a good romp does. And then once you’ve rested a bit, you can just go again. And since Anne and I are both vampires, there’s really no limit to—

EH: I think I get the idea.

Murphy: I’m fairly sure you don’t.

EH: You do remember that I wrote you both, right?

Murphy: Ah, perhaps you do understand then.

EH: So it’s safe to say, you fall more into the lover category than the fighter category?

Murphy: It’s safe to say that I eliminate my enemies when I need to, and I protect those I’m responsible for. It’s safe to say that anyone who crosses me shouldn’t be fooled by the cut of my suit. I am not a polite man. However, it’s also safe to say that fighting doesn’t bring me satisfaction the way my Anne does. And it’s very safe to say that violence may be unavoidable in my world, but love is necessary. Love is the reason. Love of my city. Love of my people. But mostly, and always, love for my Anne. Without love, there’s no reason to fight.

EH: Oh.

Murphy: Unless you’re a sociopath. Anne would want me to point that out. Then you might just enjoy violence for the entertainment value. I knew a vampire in the 1920s who—

EH: Don’t spoil the moment, Murphy.

Murphy: Fine. Stomp is the bollocks! Romp rules the world. Get a leg over and you probably won’t feel like punching things. Usually works for me.

EH: You’re a poet.

Murphy: I am an eloquent bastard, aren’t I? Can I get back to Anne, now?

EH: I suppose so.

Murphy: Thanks, love. Now, about a second book for us…

EH: You’re a pushy bastard, too, aren’t you?

Murphy: You’re the one who wrote me.

4 thoughts on “An Interview with Patrick Murphy

  1. Lifesart says:

    What Jenni said! Patrick and Anne are now my fav characters. Of course, that’s ’cause I just finished “The Scarlet Deep”. But seriously, they all deserve three book arcs, at least. If Gio and Beatrice can do it…… I know it’s asking a lot, but Patrick seems on board with it, I bet Carwyn and Brig would be delighted, and BaoJia and Natalie too. What do you say?!

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