Here it is! Blog readers and book fans, you are the ones who nominated and voted on your “dream cast” for A Hidden Fire. I loved to see all your ideas. Some of them surprised me. Some of them didn’t. Some of them came remarkably close to what I pictured for the character, and some of them didn’t. Still, I always said that the dream cast would be yours, so here it is:

Dr. Giovanni Vecchio

(Antonio Cupo)


Beatrice De Novo

(Catalina Sandino Moreno) 


Carwyn ap Bryn

(Damien Lewis)



(Ziyi Zhang)


Caspar Davidson

(Michael Caine)



(Matt Barr)

And there you have it! Thank you all for your amazing participation and your nominations. I think it looks great!

Thanks for reading,


15 thoughts on “A Hidden Fire “Dream Cast”

  1. mosha59 says:

    Dear Miss Hunter.
    I´ve been a reader for almost 42 years in both English and Spanish languages. I am a 53 year old Mexican lady, with European background.
    I´ve gone through almost all phases, interests and themes in reading, from the clasics and historical to the fantastic, erotic and scy-fi and I must congratulate you on an interesting, intriguing, sensual and very well written saga. In this day and age, when everything is about physical, rushing and hormonal love, specially in young adult books, I think your stories are surprisingly fantastic and enjoyable for both, young an mature adults and that your novels are a refreshing, back to basics and true feelings aproach to what a real selfless relationship should be. And the philosophical and ancient references are a plus.
    Has there been any proposals as to make a movie out of your books?, because I think they would be a hit. And if there is ever the chance of it, please take in consideration the actor Henry Cavill for the part of Giovanni Vechio. (I have nothing to do with him). Just Google him and I am sure you can truly picture him in the part.
    You have become one of my favorite writers and your books are, as they say “a sight for sore eyes”.

  2. autumn says:

    This is perfect!!!!!!! This is seriously one of my favorite series!!!!!! Im rerererereading the series. 🙂 this is what i think of when i imageine the characters!!!! Good work!!!!! You should make more stories for Beatrice and Jacopo!!!!!!

  3. Rana Hillis says:

    I agree with every one of the “Dream Cast” characters. I absolutely love this series and have read it three times. I see that others had the same mental picture of Caspar that I did; Michael Caine was who I saw in my mind from the very first read. I really like what Mosha59 had to say and agree with the comments. Thank you Elizabeth Hunter!

  4. Jayne says:

    I like all the casting choices except for Carwyn. Michael Fassbender would be the perfect Carwyn. I love love your booKS Elizabeth Hunter, I get lost in them. Thank you for letting me get lost in the elements.

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