I’m a giant geek. Really, don’t believe anything you hear about writers leading mysterious or glamorous lives. I have Star Wars art on my wall. I am a huge art fan, though. I have stuff all over. I may not have all the boxes unpacked from the garage, but the art is UP.

I also can’t draw or animate to save my life, thus I have this crazy admiration for people who can. So, when a reader tagged me on Facebook and posted some digital art she created after reading Building From Ashes, I had a legitimate fangirl squeal. (I can admit that; I already told you I’m not cool.) I looooooved it. And so Janet Williams, you are the very first person on my new fan art page. Thank you for the beautiful picture.


Janet Williams

Tenzin at the Pantheon
Beatrice Immortal
Beatrice Immortal


Sharon Fruth

Many thanks to the wonderfully talented Sharon Fruth, who sketched this piece she entitled “An Eternal Love.” She doesn’t have a website, but I kinda think she ought to. I love the lines of this piece. (It kind of has a Picasso vibe to me, which I love.) Thank you, Sharon!

"An Eternal Love"
“An Eternal Love”


Jennifer R. Long

Some really stunning fan art from Jennifer R. Long, who did this character sketch of Tenzin. Such great movement in this! I feel like she’s really captured her. Jenn, amazing work!

Tenzin Character Sketch by Jennifer R. Long

Also, you readers who CAN draw, if you ever draw anything related to the Elemental Mysteries or Elemental World, I’d love to see it! E-mail me at and as long as it’s not something I’d be embarrassed to have my mom see (ifyouknowwhatImean… andIthinkyoudo) I’ll post it or a link to your website if you have one.

Inspiration comes from many places, and visual artists, I’m downright thrilled if my books inspire you.

Thanks for reading (and drawing!),


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