In this small desert town, secrets bubble up from the desert floor, and history is written on the canyon walls. Seven friends will gather at the crossroads, because in Cambio Springs, everything—and everyone—changes.

In a town populated by shape shifters, tradition and loyalty hold the community together, but when change comes from the outside, secrets are revealed, friendship is tested, and more than a few claws come out.


Dear readers,

Cambio Springs is my new paranormal romance series. The first book, Shifting Dreams, will be out the beginning of March, but you can buy the prequel short story, Long Ride Home, at all major e-book retailers right now.

After I’d finished the first Elemental World book, Building From Ashes, I knew I wanted to write something a little closer to home. And while I love traveling all over the world, I also love my home in California and the deserts in the Southern part of the state. The desert can be such an otherworldly place, full of extremes. I’m also a small-town girl, though I’ve lived in large cities. I love the dynamics of small towns and the drama that is often right under the surface. The Cambio Springs series explores all this, along with shapeshifter mythology, which is a fun new direction with a lot of ties in Native American myths and legends.

Just like the Elemental World, Cambio Springs explores interesting characters, family, and hopefully a good blend of mystery and romance. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy reading about this new world.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Hunter


Long Ride Home (short story)

Shifting Dreams

Five Mornings (short story)

Desert Bound

Now available at all major retailers

One thought on “Cambio Springs Series

  1. Lorien says:

    I love this world! I hope there are many more to come. Possible romance between the big black cat Rafe and the pritty blue haired Quin widow? After a suiteable period of morning of corse. Cant wait for Allie and Ollies story. Love Cambio Springs!

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